HARO Parquet floor out of maple wood creates a warm atmosphere.


Music is in the air
Featuring colours from cream white to soft yellow, sycamore maple has the lightest coloured wood of all maple trees and all European wood species. Smoothly planed and buffed, it displays a silky natural lustre. As this wood is very elastic and resilient, it was used for making longbows and became the preferred wood species for the back of violins, cellos and guitars. Sycamore maple is one of the most valuable hardwood species there is.

Sweet temptation
The sycamore maple is not among the mythical trees of our cultural sphere. It featured neither in natural religions nor in folk belief. However, the sap of the maple tree was an abundant source of sugar in former times and also fermented to make an alcoholic beverage.

Healthy and delicious
Do you like honey? Bees just love the blossoms of sycamore maple trees in spring. The harvested honey is often mixed with dandelion honey. It tastes absolutely delicious and has been proved to promote wound healing.

Interesting facts
There are over 150 types of maple trees worldwide. Three grow exclusively in Central Europe. One of them is the sycamore maple tree, which is also the most common maple type in Germany. It can thrive even at altitudes of 2,000 metres and live to be up to four hundred years old.

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