HARO Parquet is warm to the touch and extremely hard-wearing.


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HARO PARQUET 4000 is certified by SundaHus

HARO receives new quality seal for Scandinavia

Many developers pay attention to use of especially ecological materials when choosing construction materials. Independent quality seals and certificates are the most important indicator in this respect. The Swedish organisation SundaHus evaluates construction products on a scale of A (very good) to B, C+ and C to D (bad) with respect to their constituent materials and substances. This has allowed an extensive database to be developed, which provides insight into the composition of the individual construction materials.

Many developers in Sweden and throughout Scandinavia attach great importance to the use of construction materials that have at least a B classification. In the independent tests carried out by SundaHus, our parquet floors were awarded the coveted B class certificate in accordance with the new and stricter assessment criteria. We are delighted that our HARO PARQUET 4000 is now also certified in Scandinavia in line with ecological principles. After all, our aim with all of our products is to always fulfil the regional requirements.

HARO PARQUET 4000 is certified by SundaHus

Our HARO products are among the best on the market. This has been confirmed by various prizes, awards and quality seals we have received for our high-quality HARO product range. Just two examples: In the tests of the Heimwerker Praxis DIY magazine and in the parquet test by Parkett Welt, very good grades were achieved for our HARO Parquet 4000 Plank 1-Strip Oak Sauvage brushed 2V, the HARO Cork Floor Corkett Lagos and the HARO Cork Floor Corkett Arteo Oak*. These are now complemented by our design floor DISANO by HARO with the styles of Holm Oak Creme, which received a "very good" rating from ÖKO-Test (a German consumer magazine), since it is entirely free from plasticisers and PVC. We are very pleased about this prestigious affirmation of HARO's philosophy of quality.

HARO PARQUET 4000 Plank 1-Strip 180 4V Oak Sauvage retro brushed None
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Plank 1-Strip 180 4V Oak Sauvage retro brushed None

Best product 2017

Top rating for HARO DISANO Classic Aqua

In its January 2017 edition, Heimwerker Praxis (a German magazine for home improvement) said about HARO:
DISANO Classic Aqua by HARO combines many good properties of flooring made of other materials. It is almost as warm as carpet or parquet, as hard-wearing as laminate floors and quiet when it comes to room and footfall sound. The floor is delivered in long-plank format and has a multi-layer construction. The additional Elastotec load-distribution layer ensures improved moisture protection and increased stability, and makes the surface even more flexible and pleasant for walking on. DISANO Classic Aqua is installed in the same way as click laminate or parquet floors. It is 100% free of PVC, plasticisers, phtalates and heavy metals, and ensures a healthy indoor climate. With its level of use 33, it is suitable for use in commercial applications and with glue-down installation even for use in damp rooms. In a field-test, the floor could be comfortably installed by one person. The gap size is very good and the surface tough and durable. A great floor worth its price and one of our top-rated products of 2017.

HARO DISANO Classic Aqua Award Best Product 2017

HARO Laminate Floor is test winner

in the Heimwerker Praxis special issue 2014

In a test of five premium-class laminate floors, HARO scooped the win with its Tritty 100 series. The HARO floor was chosen as the test winner with a score of 1.5 by the editors of “Fußböden für ein schönes Zuhause”, which is a special issue on floor coverings published by the German home improvement magazine Heimwerker Praxis.

The products were tested for installation, removal and gap formation. In addition, tests for abrasion resistance and point loads as well as the resistance to spilled water or a dropped knife were conducted in order to check the floors' suitability for everyday use. The acoustic properties of the floors were determined in walking tests and in noise tests with toys. Our HARO Laminate Floor Tritty 100 (Oak Italica Smoked authentic*, standard format) achieved a “very good” rating in all areas and thus won the test.

HARO Laminate flooring TRITTY 100 Gran Via 4V Oak Italica Smoked* authentic None
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HARO Laminate flooring TRITTY 100

Gran Via 4V Oak Italica Smoked* authentic None

“Very good rating” by the consumer magazine ÖKO-Test

for the DISANO by HARO healthy living design floor.

After being awarded the Blue Angel environmental label and the ECO-Institut label, the Disano by HARO design floor for healthy living has now received yet another accolade: DISANO's Holm Oak Creme style has recently been awarded the “very good” rating by the ÖKO-Test magazine. No wonder, considering the fact that this floor is produced from innovative materials ensuring that it is completely free from PVC and plasticisers. In addition, it is soft and warm underfoot, durable, and easy to maintain. ÖKO-Test tested eleven multi-layer engineered floors with different surfaces for harmful substances and checked their performance in use. All the details can be found in the ÖKO-Test magazine issue 10/2014.

The Holm Oak style of Disano by HARO, the design floor for healthy living, achieved excellent scores for ingredients, electrostatic surface voltage, durability and moisture resistance, and thus received an overall rating of “very good”. This great result gives home owners the peace of mind of choosing a sustainable and healthy product that provides reliable performance in everyday use. As HARO uses no PVC or plasticisers, its DISANO products offer a healthy alternative to conventional vinyl and LVT flooring. The long plank format (235 mm x 2035 mm) is particularly impressive. Combined with the wide choice of authentic wood styles and the real bevel on all four sides, it looks like real wood planks. In addition, the floor is quick and easy to install and suitable for use with underfloor heating. The “very good” Disano by HARO floor is available from your local HARO dealer.

DISANO by HARO Saphir Plank 1-Strip 4VM Steineiche creme* brushed None
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Plank 1-Strip 4VM Steineiche creme* brushed None

10th innovation award by GD Holz for world's first sunProtect

And the winner is! Sun protection for parquet, Woody Award for Hamberger Flooring

For our unique innovation sunProtect we won the Woody Award 2013 in the Innovative Product category at the Branchentag Holz held in Cologne from October 29 to 30, 2013. The Innovation Award of the German timber trade federation GD Holz is awarded for products, solutions and achievements that are truly innovative and enhance the timber trade's offer and expertise. With sunProtect we have succeeded in counteracting the natural phenomenon of colour changes in wood under the influence of light – and thus provide a solution to a property of wood that has long been accepted as an undisputed fact. Jury members Jens Blume and Katja Weingartz presented the Woody Award on Tuesday evening to Uwe Eifert, Managing Director for Marketing and Sales at Hamberger Flooring, Ewald Fischer, Head of Sales for HARO Germany, and Klaus Trautner, Head of Marketing and Product Management.

HARO PARQUET 4000 Longstrip Ash Trend None
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Longstrip Ash Trend None

Top score 1.2

HARO Cork Floor Corkett Lagos Natur

Cork is an impressive material in terms of ecology, building biology and ergonomics. It is warm underfoot, antistatic, highly resistant to all kinds of wear and tear, and it offers excellent heat and sound insulation. With its high elasticity, the floor helps to cushion each step and reduce strain on joints and spine.

The HARO Cork Floor Corkett Lagos Natur was the best in all these aspects in the comparison test carried out by the Heimwerker Praxis home improvement magazine (issue May / June 2013)! The jury was particularly impressed with the resistance of its surface. It withstood the impact of stiletto heels and was unaffected by water or burning cigarettes.

"If there is one click system for floor coverings at the moment that is pretty much perfect, it's HARO."

"…the HARO floor also scores points for the low noise level."

Top score 1.3

HARO Cork Floor Corkett Arteo Oak* textured

And yet another HARO product is among the best in the market: In a cork floor test by the Heimwerker Praxis home improvement magazine (issue 3/2012) / "Upper Class", HARO Corkett Arteo Oak textured was awarded the best score of 1.3, which only two products achieved!

The jury summed up the result: "A great floor!"

Naturally resilient cork with a deceptively authentic wood look: HARO CORKETT Arteo opens up amazing new design possibilities. This striking cork floor has been developed by combining our decades of experience as Germany's leading parquet manufacturer with state-of-the-art technology. Arteo's high-quality cork top layer is digitally printed with a wood design that is almost indistinguishable from the original. Choose between the appealing wood designs – Stripes, Oak, Oak Grey, Oak White, Chestnut and Walnut – and the Elements fantasy design ... and experience a new cork dimension.

HARO Cork Floor Corkett Arteo Oak* textured

Special award for HARO Takteo

Parquet floor for barrier-free living wins AIT innovation award

A very special accolade was presented to Hamberger Flooring at the 12th AIT Innovation Award “Architecture and Floor” at the Domotex 2012 trade show in Hanover, Germany. The newly developed HARO Takteo parquet floor received the “Special Award” in the “Products of High Architectural Quality” category. HARO Takteo is an innovative, patented ground surface indicator system based on parquet. Visually impaired persons can detect the different geometries with a white stick and, at the same time, they can also hear the difference thanks to sound sheets that are factory-fitted to the board underside. This system fully meets the objective of the "principle of two senses", which significantly increases the safety of tactile guide systems according to a person's sensory perception.

HARO Takteo tactile signal elements provide safety for people with visual impairments when moving about.

Top score 1.4

HARO Parquet 4000 Plank 1-Strip Oak Sauvage brushed 2V

Parquet is a durable floor covering for a comfortable, cosy home. This was demonstrated in a comparison of four click parquet floors carried out by "Parkett Welt 2011", a special issue of the Heimwerker Praxis home improvement magazine. With a score of 1.4, HARO Parquet 4000 Plank 1-Strip Oak Sauvage brushed 2V delivered good results in all the test criteria and was voted by the testers as the winner in the upper class.

The products were tested for installation, removal and gap formation. The "everyday life" of a floor covering was also simulated: the contestants had to put up with water, a burning cigarette and a sharp knife, as well as sand for testing their abrasion resistance. All that was no problem for HARO Plank 1-Strip Oak - which just goes to show the superior quality of German build brand-name flooring made by HARO. A reliable basis for all living environments. So, if you would like to bring home the test winner made in Germany, stop by your HARO dealer straight away.

Test winner: HARO Parquet Plank 1-Strip Oak Sauvage

HARO wins HolzLand Award 2010

Newly developed quiet laminate floor wins award as “Most innovative product for consumers”

HARO received the HolzLand Award 2010 for a new laminate floor with particularly good sound insulation properties. Compared with floating laminate floors with standard insulation, the HARO Laminate Floor Silent CT provides a room sound reduction of more than 60%** and is therefore currently the quietest real laminate floor around. Each floorboard is factory-fitted with self-adhesive strips which firmly fix the floor to the subfloor. The result is room acoustics that sound remarkably like a full glue-down floor. For HARO, the HolzLand Award 2010 is a great recognition of their work, and a motivation and encouragement to continue developing market-ready, innovative products that offer users tangible benefits.

The HolzLand Award is presented for newly developed products and sales solutions. It goes to companies that make strategic use of current trend developments by developing innovative solutions for their customers.

Woody Award for HARO sunProtect.
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