HARO – DISANO on course for success


DISANO – Healthy living in all areas of the home
100% free of PVC and harmful plasticisers

Rosenheim – With HARO’s DISANO series of design floors for healthy living, Germany’s leading parquet manufacturer is now also a front-runner in the production of PVC-free and plasticiser-free design flooring. At the recent construction trade fair in Munich, HARO started off the 2019 furnishing season by presenting new versions of its DISANO healthy living design floor – 100% free of PVC and plasticisers.

The modern, healthy living design floors in the DISANO series from HARO have banished PVC and harmful plasticisers entirely. Feeling wonderfully soft underfoot, they combine a genuinely authentic look with outstanding comfort-enhancing features. As proof of their healthy-living qualities, they carry the Blue Angel seal of approval and the eco-Institut label.

On top of this, DISANO design floors have exceptional shape-retaining characteristics, keeping their dimensional stability even when exposed to strong sunlight (a typical situation in conservatories or rooms with ceiling-to-floor windows). What’s more, if you opt for modern, healthy living design floors like those in the DISANO range, furniture won’t leave ugly imprints behind when you decide to rearrange it.

These are the key quality features you should be looking for in a modern, healthy living design floor. But there is another thing purchasers should be aware of too! Many manufacturers are now using the term vinyl floor to imply that their product is something other than PVC (polyvinyl chloride) design flooring. In reality, however, many of these so-called vinyl floors are still made of PVC and could contain potentially harmful plasticisers. When buying a design floor, customers should therefore make sure it carries the Blue Angel and the eco-Institut environmental labels. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Now in a trendy tile style too

To mark the start of the new furnishing season, HARO has added a number of trendy stone styles in 30 x 60 cm tile format to its DISANO Smart Aqua range. These new products enrich DISANO’s outstanding features with a natural stone or modern concrete look – and can even be installed in the occasionally damp conditions of bathrooms and kitchens. The top-seller in the DISANO healthy living design floor range, DISANO Smart Aqua is now available in the following additional styles:

  • Modern concrete (light/grey) – for a purist look
  • Sandstone – radiating warmth
  • Marble – the timeless look for an elegant floor
  • Art déco – with an eye-catching pattern
  • Classic slate – with that sophisticated appeal
They turn DISANO into an exceptional furnishing experience: your eyes see a floor of natural stone tiles, but your feet register a warm, soft covering underfoot. That's what makes DISANO so popular.

When you visit your HARO dealer to view the new DISANO Smart Aqua natural stone and cement designs, make sure you also take a look at the three new authentic-looking surface textures in the DISANO Classic Aqua design floor line. With ´Oak Provence Creme`, ´Oak Provence Nature` and ´Oak Provence Smoked`, HARO is setting further healthy living furnishing trends in the Plank 1-Strip format. Once again, HARO has created trendy and striking-looking design floor solutions that come with a comprehensive carefree guarantee. Boasting built-in moisture protection, DISANO Classic Aqua is also the ideal floor covering for damp rooms – turning your bathroom into a cosy paradise for your feet.

DISANO design floors – the smarter flooring solution:
  • Free of PVC and harmful plasticisers
  • Awarded the Blue Angel and eco-Institut environmental labels
  • Robust floor that’s warm and comfortable to walk on
  • Also suitable for damp rooms like kitchens and bathrooms
  • Easy to care for with the clean & green floor care range
  • Five different series with various installation heights
  • In attractive wood and stone styles

Visit your HARO partner to admire the latest DISANO collection, and use it to make your home an even more attractive place to live in.

HARO – DISANO on course for success
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