Living on the water – in the middle of Berlin

Residential area with 500 flats

Living on the water – in the middle of Berlin

Berlin - “Wasserstadt – Mitte”, a modern, urban residential area, is being developed in a unique water setting around the Kornversuchsspeicher, a historic former grain test storage facility in the heart of Berlin. This major inner-city project with the singular character will have space for offices, shops and about 3,000 flats. One section of this residential project was completed this year, and Hamberger Flooring supplied the flooring for the 500 flats in it.

One of the most exciting projects in the metropolitan Berlin is arising in the city district of “Mitte” (centre). Just a stone’s throw away from Berlin’s Central Train Station, “Europa-City” and more than 35,000 new jobs are being created. The area located along the Berlin-Spandau ship channelwill become a new pulsating neighbourhood consisting of flats, office buildings, shops, public streets, squares and green spaces. Cafés, restaurants and a shopping centre will create a pleasant residential and working environment in the neighbourhood. Plans call for a total of about 268,000 m² of commercial and retail space as well as about 920 flats – 25 percent of which are being built as subsidised housing under the Berlin model of cooperative urban development.

The striking landmark in “Wasserstadt Mitte” will be the historic, protected Kornversuchsspeicher that will offer room for culture and innovation following renovation and will thus serve as a binding element to the neighbouring art campus at the Hamburg Train Station. With its stunning brick façade, the dazzling structure serves as the aesthetic compass for the area and creates a link to individual buildings.


A home with a view of water – in the heart of Berlin

For residents of Berlin, such a neighbourhood reaches a dimension that they could only describe as virtually idyllic, a location right on the channel with a view of green spaces and water. The flats have sunny balconies from which residents can take in the unbelievable view. The residential buildings are grouped around the green courtyards, the multi-feature place where people can relax and talk. No traffic noise in the centre of a metropolitan area – this luxury is being brought to life.

HARO Parquet for all

Speaking of luxury – the residents of the 500 flats that were finished in autumn 2019 are now relishing the high-quality parquet floors made by HARO. Employees of Straehuber AG laid about 38,000 m² of HARO 2-layer Strip Allegro Oak Tundra, and they did so in record time. Glue-down installation of 2-layer strips is the method of choice when it comes to achieving durability and sustainability. The strip parquet can be easily sanded during renovation work. The beauty of the floor will be maintained, and the floor’s service life extended significantly. HARO Parquet enhances every type of living situation, from micro-living studios and loft apartments to single-family homes with their own gardens. The Wasserstadt-Mitte project will offer room to live, work and relax for every lifestyle - the future of urban planning is taking shape here.

Project name:

Residential area with 500 flats



Size of reference area:

38,000 m²

Project features:

Installer: Straehuber AG

Installed HARO products:

HARO 2-layer Strip Allegro Oak Tundra

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Living on the water – in the middle of Berlin Living on the water – in the middle of Berlin Living on the water – in the middle of Berlin Living on the water – in the middle of Berlin
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