Tradition meets zeitgeist – a barbershop in southern Italy

Carmine HS barbershop

Tradition meets zeitgeist – a barbershop in southern Italy

Ariano Irpino/ Italy - Fully in trend with a long tradition – barbering was one of those occupations that seemed to be vanishing, but it is experiencing a renaissance today. Classic barbershops in which men can have their hair professionally cared for and pampered are primarily opening in major cities. But they are springing up in more and more small towns as well.

There was once a time when women and men naturally went to separate salons and shops to have their hair cut and styled. Unisex hair salons arose in the 1980s and immediately took off on a success journey. The traditional barber for men became an endangered species. But classic barbering has been making a comeback in recent years thanks to the hipster movement, particularly when it comes to care for full beards. 

Craftsmanship and lifestyle for men - the Carmine HS barbershop

What does a man expect when he steps into a traditional barbershop - particularly in southern Italy? Excellent scissors skills combined with Italian passion and poise. The shop is a magnet that attracts men of all ages. In particular, the young generation puts a high priority on having a well-maintained beard and a precise haircut. Discussions about topics weighing on men’s minds and an espresso are on the house. The Carmine HS barbershop offers the flair of a charming retro-interior in a sleek 1950s design to its customers.

HARO laminate flooring and the retro-style

A barbershop only for men has an interior that is designed to appeal completely to men’s taste. You won’t find any pastel colours, decorations or lots of bling-bling here. Dark natural hues, a brick wall and retro-style leather sofas lend a hearty, cosy feel to the 70-square-metre barbershop. The “Chestnut Impresso” HARO laminate floor that has been installed in the barbershop goes nicely with modern furniture as well as with old heirlooms. The matt-textured surface of the flooring superbly accentuates the shop’s appointments and its retro-furniture. It creates a soothing, relaxing atmosphere in the process.

HARO’s laminate flooring Tritty 100 shines in commercial settings like this one. Beneath the trendy surface is an extremely robust structure, for which heavy furniture or endless public traffic hold no fear. A floor that can be quickly and easily cleaned is also a must for a hair salon or barbershop. The floor is repeatedly swept each day (it may seem like 100 times), and the daily cleaning process is performed in the evening. With Hamberger Flooring’s clean&green care products that have been optimally designed for HARO floors, the laminate flooring will always look new and the work to care for it becomes child’s play.

HARO laminate flooring from Germany’s leading maker of parquet flooring in the barbershop in southern Italy: quality and tradition from head to toe. 

Project name:

Carmine HS barbershop


Ariano Irpino, Italy

Size of reference area:

70 m²

Project features:

Installer: Eternal Parquet, Ariano Irpino

Installed HARO products:

HARO TRITTY 100 Chestnut Impresso textured matt

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Tradition meets zeitgeist – a barbershop in southern Italy Tradition meets zeitgeist – a barbershop in southern Italy Tradition meets zeitgeist – a barbershop in southern Italy Tradition meets zeitgeist – a barbershop in southern Italy Tradition meets zeitgeist – a barbershop in southern Italy
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