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Wood for your walls

With noble wooden elements to create an individual wall design.

Set accents and use the naturalness of structured wood surfaces for an extravagant interior design. A classic wall design interpreted in a modern and sustainable way.

Your body is your temple: with Pilates, meditation and a healthy diet, you skilfully ensure the right balance in your life. As with this holistic approach, the balanced design of your home also contributes to your all-round well-being. If you are looking for modern aesthetics and minimalist design in your interior, while at the same time attaching importance to natural, high-quality materials, we have just the thing for you. Set highlights in your wall design with HARO Wall Designholz and bring more individuality into your own four walls.

HARO Wall - Design wood

The eye-catcher in the room, for special warmth and security.

Current living trends are characterised by naturalness and clarity. Room concepts often combine modern and timeless materials with large window areas that bring light and at the same time nature inside. A wall design with designer wood elements is a perfect match. These can be used as partial highlights or as a complete surface to provide a counterpoint to the design concept.
Whether kitchen, bedroom or living room, a design with wooden elements visually enhances every room. This completely new living experience with fine, selected woods is stylishly characterised by the striking structuring of the design wood elements and their matt oiled surfaces.

Another possible application is the cladding of load-bearing columns and other architectural details. The wooden elements, bursting with nature, take away some of the dominance of the austere architecture and blend these elements harmoniously into the room. The naturally warm character of wood can enhance architectural details in this way. With HARO Wall, warmth and security enter your four walls. Your home becomes a perfectly styled refuge, while city life pulsates outside your door.

  • Design Nevada

    Dimension: 62 x 496 mm
    Thicknesses: 3.7/4.7/7.3 mm

    Patagonia design

    Dimension: 120 x 1000 mm
    Thickness: 11.2 mm


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HARO Wall is available in two designs:

  • The filigree elements of the Nevada design in the wood type Oak River are available in mixed thicknesses, which creates a fascinating 3D look on the wall. The format is particularly suitable for the structurally strong design of smaller areas or for partial wall installation.
  • The Patagonia design is the right choice if you are planning large wall surfaces in a wood look. The 11.2 mm thick and structured wall elements are available in six variants of the expressive oak, as well as the noble wood type American walnut.

With HARO Wall elements, open room concepts with clear contours take on a new character. Even completely independent of your floor covering, you can set stylish accents with partial wall cladding, especially in large rooms. The result is a feeling of space with gentle contrasts and a penetrating natural radiance. Wood on the wall creates eye-catchers in the room that convey a special warmth and sense of security.



Do you like to try out design? Then use our HARO Room Visualizer and bring colour to your walls at home with our design wood.

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    HARO Wall - Floor on the wall

    The stylish wall design in countless variations.

    Wood on the wall is nothing new, but pure, genuine materials are becoming increasingly important in modern living concepts. Concrete floors, brick walls, rough plaster - original naturalness determines the living design in trendy rooms. The almost logical consequence of this - floor coverings on the wall are also in fashion. With HARO Wall, we have developed a rail system with which our parquet and laminate floors can be used as wall coverings. This gives you the opportunity to use your favourite floor covering simply for individual room staging.

    With HARO Wall, floor-wall compositions are created that deliberately play with materials to create a special atmosphere. The deliberate use of completely different surfaces on wall and floor creates an experience rich in contrast.

    Suitable floor coverings for rail system:

    • HARO Parquet, thickness 13.5 mm
    • HARO Laminate flooring, thickness 8 and 7 mm

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