Naturalness through and through

Living with cork: layer by layer to a comfortable dream floor

Quiet, springy footsteps, a warm feeling underfoot, a cosy atmosphere. Who conjured up this flooring so soft? It was the bark of the cork oak: find out more about the complex construction of HARO cork flooring.

The basis: high-quality and renewable

Before we show you the construction in detail, we would like to introduce you to the raw material of the floor: Do you know the slightly bobbing walking feeling when you walk over cork? This comes from the unique structure of the material: cork consists of many air cells. Imagine a piece of sugar cube. A piece of cork the same size contains about 60 million air cells. No wonder cork is easy on your joints and dampens sound.

The raw material has another special feature: it grows back. You don't have to cut down a single tree to produce cork. You only need the bark of the cork oak. About every nine years, the bark can be peeled by hand. You must not remove more than a third of the bark. After that, the tree regenerates itself.
A sustainable floor from nature. This is good for nature conservation and for our conscience!


Did you know?

A cork oak grows for 20 to 30 years before you can harvest its bark for the first time. A long process. But that's how it is with nature. Thanks to a lot of patience, tact and expertise, you get a valuable floor covering for a cosy home.

This is how cork is constructed

The positive properties of high-quality cork flooring are no coincidence. Gentle on joints, sound-absorbing, elastic, warm underfoot, comfortable: all this is anchored in the structure of the planks. The elaborate construction makes our HARO cork flooring durable, resistant and dimensionally stable.

Cork flooring is particularly versatile as a natural floor covering. The selection is large. But no matter which design and decor you choose: The structure is always the same. All variants of this natural product are suitable for use in kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms or children's rooms.

Cork flooring Classic - The epitome of a cork floor

Pure nature in look and feel for healthy and comfortable living.

  1. The protective layer: permaDur sealant
  2. Cork covering approx. 3 mm, with Sirio approx. 2.5 mm thick
  3. High-density, dimensionally stable fibreboard as HDF-E1 core board (approx. 6.8 mm)
  4. The backing: cork impact sound insulation (approx. 1.2 mm)

Advantages HARO Cork flooring Classic at a glance:

  • Valued for its natural properties. Popular for its classic look.
  • Colours from nature make classic cork a harmonious floor covering.
  • With colours ranging from light brown to strong brown, Cork Flooring Classic is ideal for living rooms, but also for bedrooms and children's rooms.
  • Healthy cork flooring that is naturally warm underfoot, resilient, easy on the joints and sound-absorbing.
  • Easy to install thanks to the Top Connect click system, even on underfloor heating.


Technical properties

  Arcos, Lagos
Use class (according to EN 685) 23/31 23/31
Construction height (thickness) 11 mm 10.5 mm
Wear layer (thickness) 3 mm 2.5 mm
Warranty 5 years in living area 5 years in living area
Connection/installation Top Connect, glueless installation Top Connect, glueless installation
Insulation underlay integrated integrated
Suitable for damp rooms No No
Suitability for underfloor heating/cooling: Yes Yes
Thermal resistance 0.110 m² K/W 0.110 m² K/W


Cork flooring Arteo XL

The comeback of a natural classic in a modern outfit. Looks like oak parquet, feels as soft as cork.

  1. The protective layer: permaDur sealant
  2. The cork covering: approx. 2 mm
  3. High-density, dimensionally stable fibreboard as HDF-E1 core board (approx. 6.8 mm)
  4. The backing: cork impact sound insulation (approx. 1.2 mm)

Advantages HARO Cork flooring Arteo XL at a glance:

  • Combines the comfortable properties of a cork floor with the trendy look of a modern parquet floor.
  • We are the specialist for parquet planks. That's why we are able to develop the most beautiful wood reproductions for the Arteo design series.
  • All parquet flooring trends are now also available for Arteo cork floors: from calm and elegant to natural and lively, from white to the trendy shades of grey.
  • Natural and healthy living in a noble look: warm underfoot, elastic as well as easy on the joints and sound-absorbing, thanks to the outstanding properties of the natural raw material cork.
  • Easy to install, thanks to the Top Connect click system, even on underfloor heating.


Technical properties

  HARO ArteoXL
Use class (according to EN 685) 23/33 (residential areas with high wear and commercial areas)
Installation height (thickness) 10 mm
Wear layer (thickness) 2 mm
Warranty 5 years in living areas
Connection/installation Top Connect, glueless installation
Insulation underlay integrated
Suitable for damp rooms No
Suitable for underfloor heating/cooling: Yes
Thermal resistance 0.075 m² K/W


The advantages of the construction

In addition to the environmentally friendly, renewable natural materials, the construction of our cork floor offers further advantages:

  1. You get brand quality, Made in Germany, produced under strict European quality standards.
  2. The three layers of cork flooring, HDF core board and cork impact sound insulation are both dimensionally stable and elastic. An unbeatable combination that makes the floor soft underfoot and quiet. A dream for your feet and your ears.
  3. The construction guarantees good thermal conductivity: HARO Cork flooring is suitable for installation on underfloor heating systems. Thanks to the technical construction, the floor can store heat well and release it into the room in measured doses. You save on heating costs and can enjoy a pleasant room climate and cosy warmth, especially in the winter months.
  4. During installation, we have also thought about the comfort of laying the floor. The planks come with the Top Connect installation system. This allows for quick installation, which you can do yourself with a little manual skill.
  5. The natural material cork is antistatic and hardly lets dust or dirt get to it. The resistant permaDur seal protects the surface and makes the cork floor robust and easy to clean.


Do you have allergy sufferers in the family? Then cork is the ideal floor for you. The natural product is antistatic and hardly absorbs dust or dirt. The proven permaDur surface additionally supports this physical effect.

Comfort and radiance with every step

HARO Cork flooring is convincing in every respect: its elasticity makes it comfortable and easy on the joints. In addition, it has excellent thermal properties and is extremely dimensionally stable and resistant thanks to its multi-layered structure. Comfort right from the start: Thanks to the Top Connect installation system, the elements are child's play to lay.

Optimal protection and easy cleaning

The permaDur sealant gives the surface a natural matt sheen. The sealant also has protective properties. The floor is easier to clean, more hard-wearing and therefore has a longer life. When you choose HARO Cork flooring, it will arrive with a sealed surface and integrated insulation underlay. This means that you can lay the floor directly and quickly. After floating installation, the floor is immediately habitable.

You can find out how to install cork flooring yourself here.
As you can see, comfort runs HARO cork flooring: from the impact sound insulation to the sealant.

Guaranteed well constructed
We give you a five-year guarantee on all our HARO cork floors.
The environmental compatibility of our flooring is certified by the "Blue Angel": The German government's eco-label helps you to buy more sustainably.

The structure remains, the look is changeable: our modern cork flooring can do more. Thanks to innovative printing processes, wood looks are also possible. How about a cork floor that looks like an oak parquet floor, for example? Our comprehensive range makes more of your rooms. Let yourself be inspired: the look of cork.


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