The cork material is a hit

As elastic as the material is, as changeable is the appearance of high-quality cork.

Cork flooring or a modern wood look? This is no longer a contradiction: experience the healthy living properties of cork flooring and still enjoy the view of wood grain and knotholes. Modern digital printing processes can fulfil almost any wish in terms of appearance.

Do you like cork because of its sustainability? Or because of its appearance? Or are you looking for a comfortable barefoot floor, but one that looks like parquet? No matter where your taste lies: You can rely on the quality of our HARO premium cork flooring.

The external values are convincing - one natural raw material, two faces

Cork flooring is currently experiencing a rebirth. One of the main reasons for this is its versatility. If you want to know more about the appearance of cork flooring, there are two characteristics that influence it: the format and the decor.

With our Arteo design development, we offer a choice between a trendy wood look and a classic look. Our Arteo cork flooring emphasises its plank character with a special format that clearly differs from classic cork flooring.

HARO Cork flooring Arteo XL 4V

As Germany's leading parquet manufacturer, we are the experts for authentic and beautiful wood looks that look just like the original.

A parquet look with country house floorboards or particularly sustainable living with a soft floor whose manufacture is ecologically sound? With our HARO Cork floor Arteo you get both. You can now install the popular parquet classic oak as a cork floor. Choose from many decors and create elegant, spacious and cosy living spaces.

Cork flooring Arteo XL 4V

The trendiest cork floor ever. Visually an oak parquet - haptically a cork floor.

The comeback of a natural classic in a modern outfit. Also traditional, but different: because these are cork floorboards. But what your eyes see is a classic parquet floor made of oak. With this format, we bridge the gap between the feel of cork and the look of wood. The plank character is enhanced by the plank format with a four-sided bevel. Arteo is available in various oak wood reproductions: From calm to elegant to lively, the surface is always unmistakably soft as cork.

  • Arteo XL 4V

    Dimension: 195 x 1235 mmBuilding height
    : 10 mm


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HARO Cork flooring Classic

If you want to focus even more on the natural material, you will find your dream floor with our cork flooring in classic format. Purists love it for its healthy properties and classic cork look. Do you want to enjoy the liveliness of a natural product every day? From nature in the garden to natural cork in the living room: experience a soft feeling in every room and the visually slight irregularities and colour shades of this natural floor: they are the reason for the very special warmth that a cork floor brings into your home.

Cork flooring Classic

The epitome of a cork floor.

The format is a real classic: the traditional, wide format gives the look of cork a lot of surface area. Here, the material can really show off its natural look. Five different authentic cork looks are available in this size. They are made for renovating living rooms or bedrooms. Or for turning a child's room into a craft and study room. Engagingly cosy!

  • Classic floorboard

    Dimension: 298 x 907 mmBuilding height
    : 11 mm


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Both cork flooring series are suitable for use in living areas with heavy use. They are also easy to install yourself; floating, glueless and with a click. HARO Cork flooring is already sealed. All you have to do is lay it and you can enjoy its positive properties in no time.

Look ahead with timeless flooring designs

Premium cork flooring is more versatile than ever. No wonder, with a raw material that both winegrowers and aerospace engineers use.

Whether for the living room or bedroom: cork flooring from HARO is always the right choice if you value sustainability, healthy living and closeness to nature. Cork is ideal for some areas of application.

Take a close look at the large selection and let yourself be inspired. Our product advice will help you make your choice and our HARO specialist dealers will be happy to advise you on site and support you in making your final decision.

Inner values count too: good reasons for cork flooring

Produced by the market leader in parquet flooring in Germany, our HARO cork flooring is not only impressive because of its pedigree:

  • A floor covering that spreads a pleasant room climate and cosy warmth in every living space.
  • A floor covering whose environmental compatibility is certified by the "Blue Angel".
  • A floor covering whose raw material is light, elastic and at the same time insulating.
  • A floor covering that is sustainable: a renewable raw material that is harvested without cutting down any trees. In this way, the cork oak permanently stores CO₂.
  • A floor covering whose raw material inherently offers no adhesion to mites and dust. With its antistatic permaDur surface, it is particularly appreciated by people with asthma or allergies.
  • A floor covering that is generally problem-free and easy to clean, which also makes it a pleasant roommate to use and clean.

Natural material deserves special protection

Not only with parquet, but also with cork flooring, a high-quality sealant is important to maintain the appearance for a long time. That's why we use the tried and tested, hard-wearing permaDur sealant for our cork floors: The planks get a natural matt brilliance that not only looks beautiful. It also prolongs the life of your flooring and increases your quality of life, thanks to its easy-care properties.



Are you looking for information on how to clean and care for your click cork? Our guide provides you with the knowledge you need.

Cork with a wood look or a classic natural look? Cork flooring is always a good choice if you want to replace your old floor covering. The ideal renovation floor: a piece of nature that feels soft and warm. Cork flooring is also easy on your joints.

Cork flooring: Rest and relaxation are already built in. Thanks to the integrated cork backing, you don't need any additional insulating underlay and you can relax and enjoy a simple installation followed by a peaceful living ambience straight away.

To make choosing the right design just as relaxed, we offer you the simple option of trying out your new cork floor in your home in advance. Is there a more convenient and easier way to choose?


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