Light, dark or nature? Be inspired by the different colours of our parquet floors.

Immerse yourself in the multifaceted colour worlds of our parquet

Light, dark or nature? Be inspired by the different colours of our parquet floors.

If you are furnishing your home or completely refurbishing it, there is one important aspect you should not neglect: choosing the right flooring. That’s because, regardless of the interior style you choose, the floor is essential for the look of any room.

At HARO, we have divided our parquet product range into the four colour worlds white, nature, brown and grey to help you to choose the right parquet. With all of our floors, we pay attention to natural colour tones, which are in perfect harmony with the raw material wood and enhance the personal appearance of every wood species.

Parquet with a bright colour impression can make a room seem larger, while a dark floor even lends the largest of rooms a sense of cosiness. The exceptional white and grey colours also create a completely new room sensation.

Apart from the colour, the wood species and the grade naturally also influence the suitability of a floor for your home. The Favorit grade has a vibrant and rustic effect, just like the Sauvage grade, which is also sure to impress thanks to its authentic surface. An even more original wood sensation is offered by the rustic alpine surface texture of Plank 1-Strip Plaza.

Whether dark or light, brown or white, we can reveal which floor will suit which interior style.

HARO PARQUET 4000 Plank 1-Strip 180 4V African oak brushed None
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Plank 1-Strip 180 4V African oak brushed None

HARO PARQUET 4000 Plank 1-Strip 180 4V Oak Crystal White Markant brushed None
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Plank 1-Strip 180 4V Oak Crystal White Markant brushed None

White colour world

If you like clean lines and bright surfaces, you should take a look at the parquet floors in our white colour world. From Longstrip to Oak Sand White to Plank 1-Strip Larch Puro White, you cannot go wrong with white parquet. That’s because the bright colour creates a contemporary, restrained elegance, without taking from the structure of the room.

Would you like your home to captivate with an expressive and friendly ambience? Then why not opt for parquet in white. The trendy Scandinavian style of living in particular is complemented superbly by white parquet. Just like simple furniture in Scandi chic, a white floor also creates serenity in your home.

Cosy shabby chic is another living trend that harmonises perfectly with white parquet. A rustic floor with retro brushing in a light shade lends radiance to vintage furniture.

Nature colour world

Bring nature into your home. Regardless of whether city outskirts or rural surrounds, parquet in the shades of nature bestows a sense of limitless freedom on your floor. The oiled wood of our floors is accentuated in a completely natural way so that oak and others can show themselves at their best.

Parquet from the nature colour world is an all-rounder that suits many interior styles. The natural colours create a bright and cosy effect always. You can create an especially individual interior effect by combining parquet from this colour world with modern, simple furniture and living accessories. Combine tradition and modern living effortlessly.

Rustic furniture and heirlooms are also perfectly accentuated however with parquet in natural shades. A couple of white hydrangeas or a bunch of hand-picked wild flowers round off the ambience. Our Longstrip Oak Trend brushed is the ideal complement here.

Do you enjoy holidays that are more off the beaten track and would like to renovate your chalet in the mountains for the new season? Our parquet floors in natural shades show what can be done here too. Whether Longstrip or Plank 1-Strip, our brushed parquet creates an especially rustic effect in log cabins. Once the floor has been installed and oiled, all you need to do is settle down in front of your cosy fire.

Brown colour world

Whether white or dark furniture, HARO’s brown shades of parquet give you ultimate flexibility in designing your home. These floors can be combined with all interior styles and lend every room a pleasant radiance at the same time.

Brown comes in many different shades. The parquet floors from this colour world are available in different light and dark tones. The dark Plank 1-Strip 2V Ash Fancy impresses, for example, with an intensive black/white contrast, while the Longstrip in American Walnut shines in a warm shade of brown.

As with the white, nature and grey colour worlds, brown parquet is available as Longstrip or Plank 1-Strip. These floor types will appeal especially to those who like classic and elegant looks. Your personal taste is the only deciding factor here.

Grey colour world

Have your children flown the nest and you fancy giving your home a fresh makeover to start this new phase of life in proper style? Then parquet with grey colour tones is the perfect choice for you! Whether Longstrip or Plank 1-Strip, you can be sure you are perfectly on trend with a wooden floor with grey surface. That’s because grey in all its shades is highly fashionable at the moment. The effect of the colour tone is shown to full effect both in Plank 1-Strip and Longstrip.

If you like light shades and a calm and dignified look, the boards in our Parquet Plank 1-Strip 4V Oak Sand Grey could make your wishes come true. This light-coloured floor is ideal both for country dwellings and for cosy living on the outskirts of the city.

In contrast, Plank 1-Strip 4V Larch Tobacco Grey adds a great deal of texture to your floor. This flooring is ideal both for minimalist interior styles and for more eccentric interiors.

We love wood. That's why we always aim to ensure the perfect colour style for the different parquet wood species. Longstrip in light shades or Plank 1-Strip in dark shades? Oiled Oak rustic or modern Wenge, the choice is yours.

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