HARO Parquet offers maximum walking comfort for every age, whether young or old.

Barrier-free building for improved quality of life

Enjoy added comfort and safety in your living environment. A barrier-free design makes your home even more beautiful.

Accessibility throughout the home with the solutions from HARO.

Anyone thinking that barrier-free building is just a thing for the retirement age might haven't realised all the benefits provided by a well thought out interior design concept. Wouldn't it be nice for all life circumstances to have a bit more comfort and safety? And what about the fact that most accidents happen in the household? When developing new products, HARO always thinks today about tomorrow.

Life is challenging enough as it is. So why not avoid as many obstacles as possible in one's own personal environment? As different as people are, they all share the wish to lead an independent and self-determined life. That's not a question of age or special circumstances. It is an essential need, especially when it comes to our own four walls. We at HARO believe that interior design has to be adaptable to the life circumstances of the inhabitants. We want to satisfy their needs and wants in each phase of the life cycle by offering sophisticated long-term solutions: Welcome to the barrier-free world of HARO products.

A comfortable and safe interior design is, of course, particularly important to pregnant women, children, people with disabilities, and anyone with a temporary impairment. But in fact everyone will quickly come to appreciate the comfort and convenience of a barrier-free living environment. As you can see from our appealing floor solutions, a barrier-free design can definitely be very stylish and aesthetic. After all, living in a beautiful and barrier-free home is twice as nice.

As Germany's leading parquet manufacturer, HARO provides a wide range of sophisticated solutions for floors, walls and stairs, which allow independent and barrier-free living in one's own familiar environment. We place great importance on environmental protection and sustainability to make sure that products from HARO are healthy and kind to the environment. We manufacture all our floor coverings in Germany and have been awarded all the relevant certificates and awards, so you can go ahead and choose your desired flooring. We put all our expertise into developing solutions that ensure barrier-free movement in public and residential areas.

In the brochure we will show you how you can bring more comfort and convenience to your everyday life. In addition to their stylish design, our products also contribute to active accident prevention. HARO provides sophisticated solutions for implementing fall prevention to the greatest possible extent. They help you to detect potential accident risks and obstacles early on. According to your sensory perceptions, you can choose products with a focus on visual, acoustic or tactile elements. To provide an overview of the different possibilities, the GGT (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gerontotechnik) has built a model house in Iserlohn (Germany), where HARO products have been installed. Visit it on the Internet at www.gerontotechnik.de.

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