HARO digital! app: The smart way to find your dream floor


HARO, Germany’s leading parquet manufacturer, has become a leader in floor shopping, too. With the app called HARO digital!, the job of selecting products at a HARO partner has been turned into a multimedia buying experience.

Rosenheim – HARO digital! app revolutionises shopping for dream floors. Many home builders/renovators are quite familiar with the problem: It takes a long time and many trips before they can settle on the right premium flooring for their upcoming renovation or new construction project. It is not just the huge selection that makes the job so torturous. The broad range of formats and features of different floors also does its part to complicate the process. HARO retail partners are now putting an end to this pain. The new app HARO digital! turns the selection process into pure pleasure. The new app combines tactile and attractive display samples with a digital information and experience world that covers all aspects of the selected product.

See and feel a sample, learn about it and receive an offer

As always, your HARO retail partner will have a large selection of true-to-original samples that will provide an optic and tactile impression of the desired floor. The new HARO digital! app will particularly come in handy if you want to compare a number of different floors and receive a large number of details about them. You can also use the app to visualise the effect that the selected floors create in a room and to see them installed in a room.
This completely new type of customer assistance will enable your HARO retail partner to draw on product and installation information, product videos and tutorials and to create a package of relevant information for you in just a few clicks. And the retailer can do so for the entire HARO product range. If you like, the app can even prepare an offer for you right on the spot. It has never been easier to find premium flooring that will fit perfectly into your home so quickly. Once you have found your dream floor, the app will enable you to find exactly the right accessories in just a few clicks. The selection process becomes a shopping experience as a result.

The dream-floor assistance provided by HARO digital! means one thing for you:

- Greater selection provided by access to the entire HARO product range
- Exact and fast comparisons of different premium floors
- Immediate offer preparation
- Multimedia information provided by product videos and tutorials
- The easiest selection of perfect accessories
- Documentation of the customer assistance you received
- A true shopping experience created by the virtual reality floor presentation

Experience the completely new way to find your dream floor and profit from customer assistance that is unlike anything you have seen before. Available now – at your HARO retail partner.

HARO digital! app: The smart way to find your dream floor
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