The clever all-round flooring alternative


HARO premium laminate flooring is above all a quality product, which impresses with the most beautiful wood styles, probably the simplest installation system and as the quietest laminate floor.

Rosenheim – HARO Tritty – the laminate floor with the most beautiful wood styles in the world. As a leading parquet manufacturer, HARO proves its flair for especially natural looking wood surfaces year after year. This expertise and passion for beautiful and natural wooden floors is also clearly discernible with HARO laminate floors. That’s be-cause wood styles with synchronously embossed surfaces are barely distinguishable with the eye from real parquet. HARO premium laminate floors bear the Blue Angel ecolabel, consist of around 90 percent wood and are unbeatable as real “hard floors” in terms of their durability.

Five TRITTY series for every conceivable demand

Individuality is a valuable commodity – above all when furnishing pri-vate and commercial spaces. HARO laminate floors therefore come in five series, each adapted perfectly to different comfort expectations and living demands. As the point of entry to the HARO laminate floor world, the TRITTY 75 is suitable for every type of private living space and is a favourite with families especially thanks to its low installation height of just 7 mm and ease of installation with the Top Connect system. Those who want to up the stakes and value resilience, increased durability and trendy looks will find their ideal variant with the TRITTY 90. Thanks to its special structure, this laminate floor is uncompromisingly resilient and with its soft matt surface combined with bevelled edges on four sides is a real feast for the eyes.

The TRITTY 100, TRITTY 200 Aqua and TRITTY 250 series demon-strate their full qualities in living areas that are subject to heavy wear and tear as well as in commercial applications. Beneath the trendy sur-face is an extremely robust structure, for which heavy furniture, spiked heels or endless public traffic hold no fear. The new TRITTY 200 Aqua with its special moisture control AquaReject coreboard offers added security especially in wet areas.

Six formats make the difference

A tasteful floor is the very soul of a room. To showcase a room to per-fection, HARO laminate floors come in six room-defining formats. The XL long plank Gran Via 4V is an absolute trendsetter. With its impres-sive board sizes of 2200 x 243 mm with bevelled edges on four sides, it adds a distinctly generous impression of space to every room. The Campus 4V, which likewise comes with bevelled edges on four sides, is a real trendsetter in any home, with classic board lengths of 1282 mm blending perfectly with the generous width of 243 mm. The classic Plank 1-Strip, the two 2-strip and 3-strip variants in 1282 x 193 mm for-mat and the somewhat narrower and elegant looking Loft plank measuring 1282 x 135 mm round off the portfolio to perfection.

Pssst – listen very carefully

It is not without reason that HARO is a true innovation leader in the market for floor coverings. HARO continues to set standards especially with the Silent CT technology, which is available as a design option for the TRITTY laminate floors. These laminate floors are therefore 60 per-cent quieter than traditional laminate floors according to tests by the Holztechnologie Dresden development and test laboratory. Customers are therefore guaranteed that they are installing the quietest laminate floor in the world.* Not only does this create a relaxing effect in children’s rooms, rather also a pleasant atmosphere in all rooms.

Full on trend: laminate floors bursting with vibrancy

While clear, minimalist shapes and technical materials dominate archi-tecture at present, interior trends are leaning towards greater vibrancy and the interplay of colours and materials. The laminate floors with shabby chic styles are intended precisely to reflect this trend. This rus-tic wood look lends rooms the charm of past times and harmonises with modern furniture as well as old heirlooms. A floor appears even more vivid when boards in different colours are installed. With this type of board design, each individual board becomes an eye-catcher and the overall surface an awe-inspiring visual experience.

HARO laminate floors – the better flooring alternative

There are many good reasons for choosing a HARO laminate floor.

- TOP quality
- The most beautiful wood styles, scarcely distinguishable from real wood
- Surfaces like real wood with pores, textures and cracks
- Unrivalled ease of care – mop, dry, ready
- Incredibly robust thanks to multi-layer structure
- Silent CT – the world's quietest laminate floor
- Simple installation with Top Connect system
- Six strong formats for every desired ambiance

Regardless of which HARO laminate floor customers choose, they are always assured of a premium laminate floor that guarantees ultimate living comfort for many years even with the heaviest wear and tear.

The clever all-round flooring alternative
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