HARO brings elegance and comfort to the kitchen


No matter whether you are talking about parquet, laminate or design flooring: HARO products are perfect for the kitchen, too.

Rosenheim – HARO in the kitchen. From time immemorial, the kitchen has been the heart of the home. Open room concepts that eliminate the wall separating the living / dining room and the kitchen are becoming increasingly popular. This change leads to a question: What type of flooring is best for the kitchen area. More and more people are selecting trendy parquet flooring or a laminate or design floor with a wooden coreboard. Nonetheless, some customers still have their doubts about installing real wood floors in the kitchen. Germany's leading parquet manufacturer HARO does not share these concerns, due to decades of experience in the business and thousands of successfully completed construction jobs. Furthermore, HARO knows that its flooring is ideal for the kitchen. The flooring's appealing features include superior toughness, perfect ease of care, pleasant walking comfort and, of course, its healthy living qualities, a quality to which independent institutes have attested. Install properly and enjoy natural comfort The way that the flooring is installed is critical to ensure that the HARO floor in the kitchen can offer the highest levels of living comfort for many years to come, while retaining its visual appeal. If a kitchen island that will place some weight on the floor is to be set up in the middle of the room, the HARO floor should be fully glued down. This will prevent the development of unsightly joint fractures that could be created by unequal weight distribution on the floor. In addition, the fully glued-down solution will make the floor covering even more resistant to moisture penetration. And, finally, the fully glued-down approach is the better form of installation for underfloor heating: The heat can pass more easily through a floor that is fully glued down as it rises. Floating installation is another good solution for kitchen/dining and living room area. It can be used if no heavy furnishing elements are to be placed on it or if the flooring is to be cut specifically to accommodate elements such as a pre-existing kitchen island, which is frequently the case in renovation projects. HARO parquet – for real nature in the kitchen The perfect parquet for the kitchen is primarily those parquet floors with a natural oil finish, including NaturaLin – surface of HARO parquet flooring. This open-pore surface treatment preserves the liveliness of the wood, while optimally protecting it from moisture and damage. Customers who want the highest level of individuality are also increasingly selecting the noble parquet flooring of HARO Parkettmanufaktur for their kitchens. HARO laminate flooring – destined for the kitchen HARO laminate floors are perfect for use in the kitchen. The surfaces of HARO laminate floors are protected in a special way to prevent small scratches. And the construction design with a high-moisture control wooden coreboard that includes high-impact impregnated protection is a guarantee for the best floor performance in the kitchen. Nonetheless, water should not be permitted to stand on the flooring for long periods of time, just like with all wooden floors. Customers who are particularly interested in preventing annoying walking sounds can select the world's most quiet laminate flooring, HARO Silent CT. Celenio by HARO: the noticeably more comfortable tile More and more interior design professionals are selecting the HARO floor tile CELENIO as their ideal floor covering. It perfectly combines the look of stone tile with the foot warmth of wooden flooring: It is an unusually smart solution for the kitchen in particular. CELENIO is also absolutely break-resistant. As a result, the floor will remain undamaged even if a stainless steel pot happens to be dropped on it. DISANO: Certified healthy living for your kitchen The HARO design floor DISANO is a trendy jack-of-all-trades. Above all, the following can be said about the latest refinements of the healthy-living HARO design flooring: With DISANO Classic Aqua, a type of flooring suitable for wet rooms, HARO is offering a modern, trendy option for flooring in the kitchen, particularly for glue-down installation. No matter which floor covering customers choose: HARO floors will turn the kitchen into the comfortable, tasteful and healthy living heart of the home.

HARO brings elegance and comfort to the kitchen HARO brings elegance and comfort to the kitchen HARO brings elegance and comfort to the kitchen HARO brings elegance and comfort to the kitchen
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