Your eyes tell you that it's stone... Your touch reveals that it's wood. - The Celenio wood floor - interior designs as versatile as nature


Rosenheim - "What is essential is invisible to the eye" – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince already knew that. The look of the exclusive wood floor Celenio could be mistaken for stone or slate, but the essence is the natural raw material wood that assumes the shape of a three-dimensional tile. Pleasantly warm to the touch, elastic, break-resistant and easy to install - Celenio pleases the eye with natural colouration and authentic textures of stone, slate or linen. In Celenio, nature shows its most beautiful aspects. With the innovative wood floor interior designs present themselves in new dimensions.

Celenio – natural, warm to the touch and break-resistant As a floor covering, wood provides warmth and comfort. And due to its ability to absorb and release moisture from and into the air, it creates a pleasant room climate. This also applies to Celenio as the natural raw material provides the basis for it: the wood-based material Harolith® is a mixture of selected wood fibres as well as different natural resins. Under high temperature and pressure this mixture is pressed by a press plate. Easy to install It looks so easy – and it is! Installing the handy Celenio elements with the installation system Top Connect is very comfortable and quick. The tiles are angled in at the long sides and interlocked at the short side with just a little bit of pressure. A patented tongue mechanism connects the elements precisely with one another. Also acoustically comfortable: every Celenio product is optionally available with Silent Pro, the insulation layer with the “forest floor effect” or with ComforTec (CT) technology. For Celenio CT adhesive strips are applied to the back of the element with which the floor can be fixed to the subfloor in an easy and stable way. The result is room acoustics that sound remarkably like a full glue-down floor. Wood in new dimensions and varieties The look of a classic stone floor in trendy colour variations with the pleasant warm feeling of wood: this is Celenio Athos. With their diverse play of colour, the floor compositions made of earthy colours with names such as ferro, lava or savanna as well as grey colours create a room impression that triggers emotions. Trendy colours such as taupe or purple make the soft natural stone look of Celenio Ardesia ideal for modern interior designs. The slate design Atrium is more prominent. Three-colour and three-dimensional: Referring to ancient Greek architecture Celenio Attika is the right basis for a distinctive style of living. Due to its mosaic-like texture and earthy colours, the expressive and lively floor can handle rustic furniture and coarse fabrics. Celenio Dunas, in contrast, is less dominant. Its wave texture in retro style pleases the eye and feet. This gives airy and light interiors a harmonic basis. With its textile texture and fine colours, Celenio Papyrus is just right for all rooms that are to become living spaces with a high aesthetic standard. Celenio Ardesia, Attika, Dunas and Papyrus are available in the modern small horizontal dimensions of 703 x 350 mm (27 11/16'' x 12'').

Your eyes tell you that itYour eyes tell you that it
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