HARO Parquet offers optimised walking comfort.

New from HARO: The World's Quietest Laminate Floor - The "sneaker" among laminate floors


Rosenheim - Innovative "Made in Germany" products are a tradition at Hamberger, the parquet and hard-surface floor manufacturer. The company's developers have once again achieved an impressive breakthrough with the "HARO TRITTY Silent CT" Laminate Floor. Compared with laminate floors with conventional insulation, the HARO TRITTY Silent CT provides reduced room sound of more than 60%, and is therefore currently the quietest laminate floor around.

The home "lives" – and HARO Tritty Silent CT helps it to! Being at home means being "well" — the demands on the quality and aesthetics of floors in particular are accordingly high. Even if high-grade laminate is now optically almost indistinguishable from real parquet — the reputation of being "loud" and returning noises almost unfiltered back into the room, continues to hamper laminate floors. Another breakthrough has once again been achieved here with the ComforTec technology available exclusively from HARO. Independent measurements at the renowned Wood Technology Institute in Dresden prove: compared with laminate floors with conventional insulation, HARO TRITTY Silent CT reduces room sound by more than 60%. Whether it be children playing with building bricks or the dog trotting through the living room: the noise level is kept low and the pleasant home-life atmosphere is undisturbed. So quiet! And why? With the new quiet HARO "TRITTY Silent CT" Laminate Floors, adhesive strips are already applied to the back of the individual floorboards at the factory, and these are then easily and stably fixed to the subfloor later on with the installation. This ComforTec technology enables an optimum connection between the screed and the laminate floor, so that room sound has almost no chance of bouncing back. An especially pleasant walking feeling is also provided – one which has never been felt before with laminate floors. Quiet, healthy and easy to install As the adhesive strips are produced on a synthetic rubber basis, the system is absolutely solvent free. Just like all HARO Laminate Floors, the HARO TRITTY Silent CT also carries the "Blue Angel" eco label. And thanks to the Top Connect high performance installation system, the floor is installed incredibly quick and easy by hand. The new "sneaker-sound" floor is available in 22 eye-catching styles. Every HARO Laminate Floor in the TRITTY 75, 100 and 250 series can be optionally equipped with the new technology from 2011. For further details go to www.haro.com.

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