A footfall sound insulation makes your home more quiet. No more loud footsteps.

Footfall sound insulation

So easy on the ears: the Silent Pro luxury insulation layer

For all those wanting to treat themselves to a little more comfort, insulation underlays are a must. Thanks to their slightly springy resilience they are not only kind to the ears, joints and spine, but also minimise footfall and room sound – which will not only please you but also your neighbours.

Integrated insulation layers
The integrated Silent Pro insulation layer is factory-bonded to the underside of the CELENIO board to create a permanent connection between board and insulation. Positive effect: possible voids or gaps are closed, which increases the acoustic insulating effect. Because gaps cause hollow, loud sounds when walking on the floor, they impair the actual acoustic insulating effect concerning the indoor sound. Another advantage of the integrated layer is that insulation and installation can be done in a single work step.

Insulation underlays
We recommend an insulation underlay for all hard subfloors. It helps to increase the resilience of the floor, absorb footfall and room sound, and even out minor irregularities of the subfloor. Your neighbour’s ears and your floor will be really happy with the result.

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Excellent insulation against footfall and room sound

  • The "forest floor effect" goes easy on joints and spine

  • Insulation and installation in a single work step

  • Suitable for installation over underfloor heating

  • Easy and clean to cut

  • Environmentally safe disposal of cuttings in domestic waste

We recommend the following insulation underlays:

Silent Pro footfall sound insulation is manufactured on the basis of PUR.

Silent Pro

Based on PUR with mineral fillers.

  • Thickness: approx. 3 mm
  • Footfall sound improvement: 19 db
  • Room sound improvement: 30%
Silent Pro DS insulation underlay has an integrated vapour barrier.

Silent Pro DS

Additionally with integrated vapour barrier (SD > 100 m)

  • Thickness: approx. 3 mm
  • Footfall sound improvement: 19 db
  • Room sound improvement: 30%
You achieve excellent footfall sound properties with the high-quality Silent ECO acoustic mat.

Silent ECO

High-quality acoustic mat with excellent footfall and room sound properties; material based on vegetable oils with mineral fillers.

  • Thickness: approx. 2 mm
  • Footfall sound improvement: 18 db
  • Room sound improvement: 27%

Here you will find more information about insulation underlays.

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