HARO Tritty Laminate Floors are on track for success. They look great, are durable and easy to maintain and provide many more outstanding characteristics. Laminate floors from the parquet specialist - always a good choice!

All about CELENIO

Your eyes tell you it's stone... but your touch reveals that it's wood.

CELENIO is wood at its most innovative - for unique living environments. It combines the warmth and cosiness of wood with the elegant look of stone, slate and textile. And on top of that, CELENIO is also tough and durable.

Strikingly beautiful on the outside... tough and durable on the inside
"What is essential is invisible to the eye" – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince already knew that. The look of the exclusive CELENIO wood floor could be mistaken for stone or slate, but the essence is the natural raw material wood that assumes the shape of a three-dimensional floorboard. Nice and warm underfoot, elastic, break-resistant and easy to install – even over underfloor heating – CELENIO pleases the eye with natural colours and authentic textures of stone, slate or textile. In CELENIO nature shows its most beautiful aspects. This unique wood floor adds a new dimension to interior design.

The innovative material: HAROLITH2
Allow us to introduce ... Harolith2! We came up with something very special for CELENIO. This innovative wood-based material is moulded into three-dimensional floorboards under high pressure. And since there are no limits to the imagination, we have designed attractive, striking CELENIO surfaces with the look of slate, stone and textile and with a rock stone or wave design.

The ideal floor covering
Be inspired by CELENIO: The boards are easy to install and can be cut with standard woodworking tools. CELENIO gives you amazing creative freedom and even enables you to design your own patterns. With its thin profile of 8 mm, this unique wood floor fits underneath every door and is also just perfect for remodelling and renovation.

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